Zooki Liposomal Vitamin C 30 Sachets

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A great-tasting Liposomal Vitamin C, to be had on the go straight from the sachet or mixed into water, smoothies, shakes, yoghurt, porridge, granola & more. 1000mg of Liposomal Vitamin C per 15ml sachet. Soy Free - Gluten Free - Sugar Free - Dairy Free - Vegan - Non GMO. The biggest problem to deal with when it comes to supplementing with Vitamin C, is how much actually makes it to your cells, as opposed to being flushed down the toilet. To combat this, we can wrap Vitamin C at the nano-level in something called "Liposomes". This is about making it easier for you cells to absorb Vitamin C, so rather than it getting lost or flushed away, you can actually benefit from it. Along with increasing cellular absorption of Vitamin C, Liposomes protect against the harsh environment of the gastro-intestinal tract, ensuring that more intact Vitamin C makes it into the blood. Vitamin C is water-soluble, and this has a big impact on how our body absorbs Vitamin C: 🌟Although Water-soluble Vitamins are easily absorbed into the blood, they can't be stored by the body to be used at a later date 🌟As easy as it is for Vitamin C to pass into the blood, it just as easily passes into the urine if it isn't taken in by the cells 🌟In order to maximise the benefit of a Vitamin C supplement, our cells need to be able to cope with a large spike in blood Vitamin C before it can be excreted from the body For ordinary Vitamin C supplements, this is where the problem arises. Our cells can't absorb large amounts of Vitamin C in the time it takes for the Vitamin C to pass into the urine. This is where Liposomes come in. Liposomes make it easier for our cells to absorb Vitamin C in that window of opportunity, after the initial blood spike. By surrounding Vitamin C in a phospholipid bi-layer, the same thing that surrounds our cells, we can speed up the rate at which our cells absorb Vitamin C from the blood. The Liposomes easily merge with our cell membranes, crucially by-passing the traditional protein channels our cells use to absorb Vitamin C. It turns out, using Liposomes can have a big effect when it comes to the efficacy of a Vitamin C supplement.
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Scientific research shows that these three nutrients are found at the back of the eye, at the macula, where they form the macular pigment (yellow colour). Meso-zeaxanthin is particularly concentrated at the centre of this pigment.

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